About TurkBusiness

About TurkBusiness


We have aimed at gathering the producers in Turkey together in a single web site. On TurkBusiness  web site, where only Turkish producers will take place, we have developed a searching system for the product. We are aware of the fact that the customer searches for the product he will buy at first and then reaches the producer. This is the way of operation of the most prominent product marketing web sites of the world. With the system we have developed in order for the customer searching for a product on the web to the find what he looks for without getting bored and as rapid as possible, we will satisfy both the supplier and the customer.

We invite you to exhibit what we have produced without getting lost among millions of products in TurkBusiness address, where only Turkish producers take place so that our customers can get their products by way of a highly systematic and easy search, you can increase your exportation level and Turkish economy can attain its goals.


TurkBusiness web site, which will introduce itself to public and make its name in many fairs of the world, airline magazines and television channels of twenty three countries with its influential managerial staff, will be honoured to render service to Turkish exporter and Turkish economy. Our team, which works twenty four hours a day for registry of your subscription, is awaiting the orders of you, our dear valued producer.

Best regards

Board of Directors of TUNİNGTR