Publication Order, Ads, Banner

Publication Order, Ads, Banner Seller Product Publication Order and Doping

The same products of different sellers (unless there is a demand for doping) are put in order according to the date of subscription.

The doping product remains at the top until expiration of the doping. When the seller pays the fee and TurkBusiness editor receives the payment, the product rises in the subscription package of the seller. The dopings are lined according to the order of applications. The seller, who wishes to dope, has to click on the button “bring the product forward” on the profile page.

WHAT IS DOPING?: The seller, who wants to raise its product to higher positions, fixes the time of the doping he will get, pays the fee and raises its product to higher positions on the publication page. Doping is not an ad or a banner. It means rising among the products within the subscription package.

How Does a subscriber Seller Place Ads?

Sellers have to call TurkBusiness ADVERTISING SERVICE in order to place ads in the fields “moving images” or “video” with a time of 10 seconds, published in the middle of web site.

How do subscriber sellers place product-logo banner?

Sellers can place product banner ads in 4 separate lines and with 4 pictures of different sizes on the home page of web site. Subscribers, who wish to place banners apart from the home page, have to call TurkBusiness ADVERTISING SERVICE for learning how much they will pay according to the sizes of pictures or they can click on BANNER-PLACE AD button on their own profiles and can make a selection according to BANNER-AD fields.