Important Topics


1. Reference to the Ministry of Economic Affairs ' LAW NO:2011/1 IN REGARD TO MARKET RESEARCH AND SUPPORT ENTERANCE OF MARKET, NOTIFICATION APPLICATION ARTICL NO:5 OF E-TRADE WEBSITES MEMBERSHIP SUPPORT'  consisting membership cost is refundable %70 to the supplier.
2. When the supplier and purchaser start trading they can benefit from a free  Lawyer service if they are members of TurkBusiness.
3. Members of Silver package and above can benefit from service publishing in several languages.
4. The purchaser member of TurkBusiness can make benefit of tracking the producers product against payment of a certain amount specified through TurkBusiness.
5.  Standard members can add one Picture only for one month for free but can not add any information regarding his Company and it’s contacts.
6. Dear Members, Kindly insert your best and clear pictures.
7. Since TurkBusiness will translate your information in 6 languages and the update will be only in one time Please insert your product information  clearly without mistakes,  if second update is necessary then kindly contact Admin administrator, against a certain fee your translation will be updated as requested. Items and prices can be updated anytime for free.
8. Enter 250 characters only of product information unless it is not enough then you can add your promotion files to PDF.
9. If your product is not in the category of TR-buy while loging in then you can ask for a new categoriy specified as requested by sending  mail to Admin administrator inorder to open a new category for your product.
10. If you follow up similar products then you can add suitable prices to your product accordingly.
11. As you know the supplier member must be registered in the Tax authority in Turkey.  When performing your subscription, Tax Administration No., Name, Trade Registration your informaiton MUST BE CORRECT , The supplier will not be accepted if  wrong informaiton entered.
12. Our aim is to introduce the supplier to the purchaser with full trust.
13. İt is required to the supplier to benefit from TR-buy lawyer to test the accuracy of the purchaser.
14. TurkBusiness pages and the products produced in Turkey will be promoted and known World wide through most important Word Magazine, Economic pages, Tv, ect.. in the nearest future.
15. Product Categories of TurkBusiness will be filled through our supplier members with trust in short time, We can say then to our competitors (LET THEM THINK ABOUT IT).
16. We wish to our TR-buy members who achieved a full trusty agreement with accurate conditons a fruitfull profit.