Horizontal Packing Machine

4000  - 25000
Product Output Location İstanbul - Turkey
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece/Pieces
Delivery Time 1 Month
payment Types Western Union Cash Transfer
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Packing Hight Min 2 Mm - Max 70 Mm
Packing Length Min 40 Mm- Max 400 Mm
Packing Width Min 15 Mm- Max 200 Mm
Capacity Cold Max 250 Paket Dakika
Capacity Hot Max 130 Paket Dakika
Electrical Use 4,6 K W
Weight 650 Kg
Hight 1500 Mm
Lenght 3800 Mm
Width 900 Mm

Standard packing machine, single or block-type products are used in packaging machines. In the food industry, biscuits, chocolate, wafers, bars, halva, Turkish delight, cakes, breads can also be used for the packaging of many other products .