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Trade Conflict Rules

Chapter 1 - General Topics

Article 1 These rules are adopted to resolve trade disputes between the buyer and the seller, to protect the buyer and seller's legitimate rights and interests, and to promote the sustainable development of e-commerce activities.

Article 2. 1. Registered members of the TurkBusiness.com.tr international website www.TurkBusiness.com.tr ("TurkBusiness.com.tr Site"); 2. Members ("Members") using any product or service available on the TurkBusiness.com.tr Site; 3. The TurkBusiness.com.tr Site shall be implemented with the Members of the buyer who are engaged in trade or business operations in respect of goods and / or services.

Article 3. If a buyer or seller has a trade dispute with TurkBusiness.com.tr or if he or she wishes to resolve a trade dispute, TurkBusiness.com.tr, the buyer and seller shall have read, agreed and acknowledged these Terms and Conditions. TurkBusiness.com.tr has the right to resolve disputes in accordance with the provisions of these Rules.

Article 4. If a user of the TurkBusiness.com.tr Site ("User") has already made an agreement with TurkBusiness.com.tr, the terms and conditions of such agreement shall lie above the provisions of these Rules. If the User has not previously entered into any contractual agreement with TurkBusiness.com.tr, the provisions of these Rules shall apply to the User. TurkBusiness.com.tr shall have full discretion in the management of matters not expressly provided in these Rules. On the other hand, TurkBusiness.com.tr's dispute over trade disputes can not be construed as exempting the User from his legal liability in connection with commercial disputes.

Article 5. TurkBusiness.com.tr reserves the right to change these Rules at any time. Modified Rules will take effect immediately after their publication on the TurkBusiness.com.tr Site.

Article 6. If any party to a trade dispute is dissatisfied with the dispute or the decision of TurkBusiness.com.tr, the party concerned may apply legal remedies in accordance with applicable law and jurisdiction. Although the parties to the dispute have the right to resort to legal remedies, TurkBusiness.com.tr will nevertheless have the right to penalize the User for any applicable agreement with the User, in accordance with the rules and policies of this Website or other website of the TurkBusiness.com.tr.

Section 2 - Application Area

Article 7 TurkBusiness.com.tr shall resolve the following trade disputes in accordance with these Rules: 1. the buyer complains that he has not yet received the goods ordered; The second complains that the recipient has received different products from the agreed products; 3. the seller complains that he has not received any payment from the buyer for the goods delivered; 4. Other trade disputes that TurkBusiness.com.tr may choose to resolve, at its discretion.

Section 3 - Complaints and Resolution

Article 8. In order to facilitate the complaints process and to increase the effectiveness of the complaint resolution, TurkBusiness.com.tr has provided an online system for filling complaints ("TurkBusiness.com.tr communication platform"). The parties to the disagreement are informed through the Communication Platform of complaints, counter-notification, supporting evidence, etc. .

Article 9. When a complainant submits a complaint application, the complaint application form on the TurkBusiness.com.tr Communication Platform shall be filled and the relevant supporting documents shall be given within 20 calendar days after the complaint is submitted.

 Article 10. The supporting documents referred to in the previous article shall include: 1. the contract between the buyer and the seller and all related communication records; If the buyer complains that the buyer has not received the goods from the seller, the buyer will also present proof of payment at the same time; 3. If the seller complains about not receiving the payment, the seller will also provide proof that the goods have been delivered at the same time; 4. If the buyer complains that the products are not as they agreed on, the buyer will also provide proof of receipt of the products, in addition to the evidence indicating that the products differ from those agreed (such as a test report prepared by a third party organization); 5. other evidence supporting the complaint.

Article 11 If the complainant does not provide the relevant supporting documents within the prescribed period of time, TurkBusiness.com.tr shall have the right to refuse to accept the complaint and shall terminate the file accordingly. If the complainant insists on complaining, he will make a new application, fill in a new application form and will give all supporting documents accordingly.

Article 12. TurkBusiness.com.tr shall have the right to review the supporting documents submitted by the complainant and, at its sole discretion, decide whether other supporting documents are necessary to prove the correctness of the complaint. If the complainant can not provide any other supporting documents requested by TurkBusiness.com.tr within the time specified in Article 9, TurkBusiness.com.tr will have the right to refuse to accept the complaint.