Bidding and buying help

What does being a Seller Subscriber Denote?


On web site, every seller aiming at selling the products produced in Turkey can take place. The seller company has to be registered in the tax offices of Turkey.

The seller cannot enter a product without selecting any subscription package except standard membership, whose terms have been specified on web site, and paying the subscription fee. 

The seller making the payment and registering the product is aware of the fact that company and product data will be published on web site in at least 6 languages.* They can add products and pictures and update the data if it wishes to do so. Communication can be established with buyers by e-mail. Statistics of web site are accessible. Similar products and prices can be looked through. Sellers are entitled to have 70 % of the subscription fee returned within the scope of the grant-in-aid programme of the Ministry of Economy.  

* Standard member has only English and Turkish and Silver member has only Turkish , English ,Russian language privillages.