Seller Registration

Registry of the Seller


The seller, who wants to register to TurkBusiness;

1-Selects the subscription package.

2- Enters the company data, documents in TurkBusiness “subscription data form”.

3- Registered company official enters the mail address and creates a password. The seller, whose registry transactions are completed, becomes a subscriber; however he cannot enter a product without making payment. 

4-The seller pays the fee of the subscription package he selects at the next step to the specified bank account via eft-transfer.

5-Upon confirmation of TurkBusiness accounting department, an information message is sent to him.

6- The seller subscriber enters the detailed data, visuals of the products to be published over his own profile page as soon as the information message “Your payment has been confirmed” is sent by TurkBusiness. 

7-The seller has to fill in a separate form for each product with different qualities.

8- The data of the seller subscriber filling in the company “information form” and “product form” are forwarded to TurkBusiness editors. (excluding standard and silver members) The said data to be published in 6 languages are edited by editors. The product data of the seller translated into various languages are given place on TurkBusiness page. 

9-Standard members can enter only one product and its published in English and Turkish languages.